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The Country Music World Needs To Get Ready For Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards

Authenticity, passion, and outgoing personality. Three of many qualities the country music world needs for up-and-coming artists. And without a doubt, Nashville-based aspiring singer Angel Edwards has them. Her new single, ‘‘High On The Good Times’’ shares magic that only an Angel (no pun intended) can bring.

[This song] is unlike anything I have done before. I strive to be real… this song definitely sets the tone.
— Angel Edwards

If you go on Spotify and link to the Acoustix & Chill playlist, you’ll see Angel’s song ‘‘High On Good Times’’ on top of that list. You won’t regret tuning into it as her sweet-sounding voice will transport you to the core feeling of the song. With a melodious guitar and a smooth kick, this country song captivates the attention of the auditor, thanks to the passionate voice of Angel.

If we talk about passion and authenticity on Angel Edwards, it’s because it has always been that way since childhhood. At 14, her parents helped her buy her first guitar, and from that moment, Angel began spending countless hours in her room teaching herself how to play and sing. It is this authenticity that draws listeners to Angel’s music, coupled with her outgoing personality and captivating stage presence.

Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards

‘‘I spent a lot of time writing songs that I thought people wanted to hear. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to write what I felt,” she shared. About the writing process, she states: “I take inspiration from not just my own life- but also from other people. I like to write things that people can relate to. I strive to be real with my music, regardless if it’s ugly or pretty.” “ ‘High On Good Times’ is unlike anything I have done before. I strive to be real… this song definitely sets the tone.”

Country music has a lot of talented artists. But not all of those talented artists are as hungry and determined like Angel Edwards is. The world of Country needs to get ready for her, as she’s off to a great start.