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Hip-Hop Hopeful Drew Slays It With Heartfelt Lyrics in New Song, ''Face Me''



Hip-hop is underrated. Many may think that rapping is that easy just by finding words that rhyme and look cool. But it’s much more than that. It’s an art that only a select few can achieve. 18-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter Drew is certainly one of those who can bring that ‘‘je ne sais quoi’’ to the game.

His latest single, ‘‘Face Me’’ is full of powerful and inspired lyrics. With a soulful instrumental to back up his impactful rapping flow, the track has this spiritual vibe that can make you ‘‘woke’’. The lyrics Drew wrote for this song are conscious and authentic. As the lyrics in the chorus say, ‘‘Tryin’ to break me, Tryin’ to shake me down/ Tryin’ to break me off my square, Tryin’ to take me down/ Tryin’ to tell me I’m the one, but they’re just fakin’ now/ And when I’m turnin to that (explicit), they can’t face me now’’. Those are the words that describe true events that Drew and so many other genuine artists face when they’re trying to accomplish big things in the music industry and in life. As a songwriter, Drew’s inspiration is itself a true art. Talent like his isn’t common even among big names in the industry.


Speaking of writing, the Illinois native began writing at just 8 years old and recorded his freshman single in early 2017. Since then, Drew has had various performances in Chicago, IL, and Miami, FL. His second single, “Addicted” and his Craig Mack tribute, “Flava In Ya Ear (Freestyle)” were widely praised as they were featured on popular hip-hop blog, Earmilk. His music is a gold mine, so stay tuned for more promising projects from Drew.