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Leah Capelle Is ''Out Of Love'' But Not Out Of Passion

Leah Capelle

Leah Capelle

Loving something you do as a career in life is to our books, the best thing for a human being to grow and emancipate him or herself. Rising talent Leah Capelle demonstrates her passion for music through her experiences with her latest track, Out Of Love.


You may have guessed it’s a song about love, however it’s not just any other typical one. Take a listen to this gritty, dark, emotional pop song that bounces between alternative rock and pop effortlessly. We promise that you will drop right into the room with Leah as she reflects on her self-fulfilling prophecy.

I want people who listen to my music to feel like they know me. I lay everything out on the table...
— Leah Capelle

As explained earlier, Leah’s past experiences are, in a particular way, translated in Out Of Love. This song will show you just how talented she is as a songwriter and a singer. Feeling her every punchy lyrics, her sweet-sounding vocals and most of all her passion, Leah can certainly tap herself on the shoulder, because this is quite an impressive production.

Leah Capelle

Leah Capelle

As for her music in general, Leah is pretty clear about what she intends to create: “I want people who listen to my music to feel like they know me. I lay everything out on the table – I don’t ever write music that doesn’t relate to either what I’m going through or what my loved ones experience – so I deeply want to develop closeness with my fans.”

Speaking of fans, we have no doubt Leah Capelle is on her way to grow exponentially her fan base, getting to 2019. Be on the lookout for more exciting music from this asipring artist!