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Tiggi Hawke has an 'alibi' For her successful run

Tiggi Hawke

Tiggi Hawke

UK rising star Tiggi Hawke is back with another hot single. This time entitled 'Alibi’, Tiggi has everyone thirsting for more with this new song. After earning lots of praise from her previous single, ‘Remedy’, auditors can expect even more originality in ‘Alibi’.

Considered to be Tiggi’s most powerful single ever released yet, ‘Alibi’ is definitely a song you’d want to lend your ears to. The soaring vocals of the singer/songwriter will make you want to sing along, especially in the chorus. Hawke explains the song’s production as the following, ‘‘I was so lucky to write Alibi with a group of incredibly talented writers and producers when we were all together on a writing camp so it draws inspiration from a lot of places. It really is a mix up of all the amazing musicians who were in the room! For me, Alibi is about an on and off relationship where you both know how the other feels but you're both still slightly in denial.’’

Whenever you make that leap over that “friend boundary” you feel like you have to have an excuse and an alibi for why it happened, rather than admitting your feelings.
— Tiggi on 'Alibi'

She adds that the song is like ‘‘A situation I can personally relate very strongly to, and one I’ve also seen a lot of my friends find themselves in whichever way it ended going.”

Tiggi Hawke

Tiggi Hawke

Well, 2018 has been a really good year for Hawke by seeing her burst through the summer with her smash hit single ‘Remedy’. Its popularity didn’t limit itself in the UK, but also in many other countries in Europe like Italy, Germany and Denmark. As a matter of fact, her track was popular enough to be listed in the renowned playlist of Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Hawke has been supported and championed by radio royalty including Radio 1 and KISS FM and has over 175k monthly listeners on Spotify coupled with millions of streams across Apple Music and Spotify. Be on the lookout for this talented artist, as more amazing music is expected to be produced from her.