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Dj Fresh And Zion I Are Focused And Ready For ‘Work’


Being productive and having success. We all want the latter, but as for being productive, let’s be honest and say that not everybody is willing to do it in order to achieve great things. For Zion I and Dj Fresh, being productive is as much important if not more than just having a final product. As a matter of fact, their latest single titled, ‘Work’ shows how much grinding they’ve put to bring us an impressive track filled with subtle and poetically conscious rhymes. ‘Work’, which is part of the Oakland artists’ upcoming album The Tonight Show With Zion I, was written as an anthem celebrating the merits of focused concentration and attention. Basically, you could say this track isn’t for slackers. For those who work with a positive mindset, here’s a tip: get even more focused in your work by plugging your earbuds to this song. You never know, something good and innovative might come out of what you’re trying to accomplish. In the end of it all, ‘Work' is a shout out to all those working their arse off, knowing that their time will eventually come. Knowing that, Noble Vybe Music says, ‘’Thank You, Zion I and Dj Fresh’’.