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Great Collaboration Song, ‘’Sinners’’ From Apathy, FNX And SeeS Is A Lyrical Treasure

When it comes to producing simply written songs, let’s just say it’s a big trend for artists in the music industry nowadays. For SeeS, FNX and Apathy, that is definitely not the case. A lyrically packed testament to the battle between good and evil within us all, that’s the main theme in this poetic driven track titled, Sinners.


Upon hearing the song, you’ll quickly understand why we say this track is elegantly expressed. The three talented rappers spit their rhymes like drinking water. In other words, it sounds so easy to them. But in all honesty, it isn’t at all. Trying to rap about everyday issues and project verbally those ideas in a distinctive rhyming pattern is their specialty. So what’s their secret you may ask? Well, this isn’t the first time these artists work together. Connecticut rapper Apathy joined forces with independent artists FNX and SeeS after meeting on tour across Canada. One can only assume that if these guys can release such an amazing track on the market, then there’s a lot more good that can come out of this collaboration, and the best is yet to come if any more featured project is being concocted.