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International Flavor Gives Noble Vybe Music A New Taste With ‘Voyageur’ Artist, Diogo Ramos


Music is all around us. It doesn’t matter where you come from, music speak to everyone of us. For Brazilian singer Diogo Ramos, it’s time to break the language barrier even in music. With his latest single, he decided to interpret a french song titled, Voyageur, meaning Travelerin english. 

The song is about a young man who travels seas and lands across the world and has seen all sorts of beautiful things from them. If you can’t imagine yourself laying on the beach under the beautiful sun of Brazil or another beautiful country with some tropical weather, Diogo’s voice, in this track, will aboslutely make you feel that way. A blend of afro rythm and samba melody, Voyageur is a perfect song to relax or even dance lightly to. On any day, this track has a good score on Noble Vybe Music.