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Kari Wam’s Inspiring ‘’In The Past’’ Song Is A Testimony Of Perseverance

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When a very sad event in one’s life shakes the very core of its existence, how does the common man react to it on the long term? Sadly, the response would be negatively. But that’s not how Kari Wam replied when an unfortunate incident would scar his eyesight for life. Instead, he fought through his struggle with depression and used his talent of songwritting, rapping and singing to express his motivation to become a success regardless of what happens to him. The latest track entitled ‘‘In The Past’’ perfectly summarizes what the 24 year old Virginia rapper strives for to become who he truly wants to be in his artistic life. By spitting rhymes with a symphonic tone and an emotional singing voice, Kari demonstrates to the auditors just how talented he is in this track. With his gifted skills as a musician, you can understand that moping around about what happened in the past is definitely not an option for the Petersburg native, especially if he wants to gain legit popularity and most importantly, recognition. On the same pattern, one thing is sure regarding Kari Wam: Noble Vybe gracefully recognizes his talent, his craft and most of all, his perseverance. Something a lot of aspiring musicians lack on their quest to the spotlight.