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Poetically Relieving Tune ‘Time For Love’ from Versatile Duo Waveendz Softens The Hearts Of The Non-Compromisers


Love is the most discussed subject in the world of music. And with love, there is no boundaries. Boundaries are also something Canadian duo Waveendz tend to break on their craft. With such example, is their latest single titled Time For Love. Bringing to the public a different vibe in this song with a mash up of Chill out wave and R&B, the vocals soothe the mind of the auditor with an appealing touch of softness we never heard in the duo’s previous singles. 

Lyrically, the way play-on words are fabricated to give the track even more poetry is pretty innovative. ‘’Eq my love to fit it right in your heart’’ is a part of the song which exemplifies the broad creativity of Waveendz. ‘’Eq’’ meaning Equalize as an abbreviation. The message of the song is pretty simple: it’s crucial to make efforts and compromises in love. So for every couple facing adversity in their relationship, Noble Vybe Music encourages you to listen to Time For Love in order to appease your hearts and make some compromises.

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