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Soul Inscribed Educational Protest Song, ‘Let Them In’ Calls For Unity And Awakening To All People In America… And The World

If you want to cultivate yourself in the subject of humanity, Noble Vybe Music strongly recommends you to listen to the song entitled “Let Them In” by Soul Inscribed, featuring Frank Waln. This amazing single, is a protest song for treacherous times; an afrobeat anthem musically driven by Co-producer DJ Irfan Rainy (Rainy City Music) from Manchester, England. The featured artist Frank Waln is a Lakota rapper from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, who brings the history and perspective of First Nations to the track.


“We came together on this song to highlight the issue of colonial borders and how our government uses those borders to inflict violence on individuals, families and Nations. This has happened historically and is still happening today. Art is one of the best ways to express a truth and this song is how we chose to collectively express our truths as human beings living together on colonized land.”
-Frank Waln


“Until we deal with the legacy of the genocide of indigenous communities and the enslavement of Africans we cannot have a true moral conversation about immigration and about who is American. The song ‘Let Them In’ raises these themes and also calls to the highest spirit of this country to embrace a global view of community, a spirit of generosity, and of nurturing possibility. My grandfather came here fleeing the Pogroms in Russia, my life is rooted in his journey. I want to advocate for the rights of a Syrian or Yemenite family to begin a new legacy here or a Mexican-American family who don’t want to see their families torn apart.” -Baba Israel, member of Soul Inscribed

No need to say anything else but how inspiring this song is. Just like Soul Inscribed, to spread the love and crush hate is what Noble Vybe Music inspires to do and promote to make this world a better place.