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The Bare Minimum’s Evokes Some Interesting ‘Conspiracy’ Theories In A Quintessential Punk Rock Song

From the vocals, to the guitar riffs, to the lyrics, The Bare Minimum’s song, Conspiracy couldn’t sound any better than this. Believe us when we say there’s enough energy for everyone to listen to this track over and over again. With this track coming from their 2nd album, Sink to the Top, released in March 2017, the punk rock band from Toronto dishes some interesting lines about conspiracy theories based on different famous personalities. The most notorious one would be the reference to the assasination of JFK which would’ve been orchestrated by the famous Colonel Sanders. Insane right? Well believe or not it has been remarked a few times by some famous conpiracy theorists.


While most of them sound somewhat deprecating, this band has always been on the ‘outside of the box’ side of views regarding health, history, phlisophy and art. Speaking of outside the box, the punk rock genre needs more main stream like we used to hear back in the early to mid 00′s.  And for that, Noble Vybe Music has a conspiracy theory of their own: though the system is trying to reduce the punk rock genre in the main stream, The Bare Minimum has been illuminated artistically.

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