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Elliott Blaufuss is a 'lovin' man' in his latest classy track


When you want something, you say it with all your might and conviction. Talented singer Elliott Blaufuss does just that in one of his latest single, Lovin' Man. Filled with a jaunty tone and impressive smooth but powerful vocals, this song has it all to make the lovers' hearts melt. However, don't let the playful melody fool you. Elliott explains.

'' It's a playful tune, but there's some sadness in there. I later re wrote the verses in Nashville where I had moved to, as they just weren't sitting right. I wrote this song in February of 2015 when I was in finlayson, Minnesota at a small cabin I had rented. I wanted to get out of town, clear my head for a couple weeks and write.''  

It’s a playful tune, but there’s some sadness in there.
— Elliott Blaufuss


''I was hiking and making fires and I'm not sure where this song came from exactly but the chorus rhythms kept hitting me. The lyrics that were coming were somewhat longing for what I didn't have at the time, and creating an image of something I either had before or wanted anew.'' Obviously, making a great song is never a one man job. Thanks to some amazing musicians, most notably drummer Michael Bland on accounts of Elliott, this craft could never be possible.