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David Davis' Track 'A Little Mo' Betta' Will Contaminate You With A Joyful Energy


Feeling down? Noble Vybe Music shall give you something to put at least a little smile on your face with a dose of David Davis. The Chicago-born and talented singer brings to the table his latest single titled A Little Mo' Betta with some amazing vocals that will make you want to hear more. Upon listening to this song, we can assure you that you will have a lighter heart. 

The heartbeat of my music is the comfort of vintage soul meets the infectious joy of pop hooks.
— David Davis



The song, which basically talks about positivity, has a soulful vibe mashed up with a jaunty pop and jazz-ish feel. By describing his craft, the singer says, ''The heartbeat of my music is the comfort of vintage soul meets the infectious joy of pop hooks.'' In 'A Little Mo' Betta', there's no clash, only harmony, joy and even peace in this well structured track.



David Davis started singing since he can remember and really retained the attention of anybody who was willing to listen to him. Well today, the public is surely willing to get his attention by hearing his powerful and yet smooth voice in his music. Drawing inspirations of the likes of RnB and Soul legends Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross, David Davis mastered his art in the renowned Belmont University music program. 



With the undeniable talent that he has, Davis can only go up from here as his music continues to put smiles on our faces. Just like his music career, David Davis is flourishing and keeps on impressing anyone who takes the time to listen to his craft.