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Multitalented Artist Milan Ring Slays It With Innovating Song, '2063'

                                                                                                                             Milan Ring

                                                                                                                             Milan Ring

She sings, she produces, she writes, really there isn't a thing Milan Ring can't do in the art of music. The most incredible element of her craft is innovation. As you will attest it when you tune into her latest single titled 2063, Milan Ring is truly a versatile artist who can bring a difference in the RnB genre through her creative work.

Milan Ring

Milan Ring


The Australian singer describes, ''The track is essentially a love song about focusing on the important things and not getting caught up in the negative chatter, but it also plays upon the telepathic connection I believe we can have with our loved ones. Like when you think of someone right before they call.''


The song 2063 is composed of many interesting components such as a collection of varying instrumentals influenced by the 90's RnB vibes. By combining this last element with her fascinating voice and a more modern/future twist of soul music thematic, this track elevates the feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time and makes you fall in love with.


A love song about focusing on the important things and not getting caught up in the negative chatter
— Milan Ring


All this inspiration doesn't come from nothing. With a lot experience in the music industry, the multi-heritage artist can create musically anything she feels like. Having travelled the globe and seen many cultures, Milan feeds off from all her personal experience to be influenced both on paper to write songs and on stage to perform in front of many people. 



Most importantly, the concepts of spirituality, duality and self-evolution seem to be what ultimately inspires Milan's artistry and environment in order to give herself the best way possible to grow as a whole in her life and her career.





By collaborating with renowned artists in the likes of Chance The Rapper, SZA, D.R.A.M. and many others, her work is recognized by her peers and well deserved on her own merits as she's constantly working hard to get her music out there.