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''Alright'' Song By Solo Vocalist Brittany Campbell Kindles The Humanity In All Of Us

Brittany Campbell

Brittany Campbell

The world we live in is a beautiful world. And some people disagree with that statement. However, young singer Brittany Campbell may change their minds. With her latest single ''Alright'', the New York native brings culture and calls for a much needed humanity in all of us, especially in America




''Alright'', which is written and produced by Brittany, celebrates the one connection we all have as human beings to one another. That connection is love. What's interesting is the way the talented singer structured this song. Having a track that speaks about political and social issues, she uses a pop/funky vibe and adds a subtle jaunty feel with her smooth golden voice. All in all, the message is beautiful. It doesn't matter what color you are, you are part of something bigger than a simple skin tone that you never chose to have. The society you live in is characterized by the individuals who lives in it and contribute to its culture, economy and other aspects that define it. And when it comes to music, the diversity of people that have contributed to put America on the map is the perfect example. In other words, a world without colour is simply not a world at all.

My goal and message when creating music is to celebrate and encourage human to human connection - celebrate love.
— Brittany Campbell
Brittany Campbell

Brittany Campbell



The song is very intoxicating in terms of catchiness, grooviness and charm. Comprising of some great instrumentals with jazzy guitar riffs, sweet-sounding synthesizers and some solid kicks, ''Alright'' makes you want to dance with your friends, forget all about your pride and just be free in the moment. Once you listen carefully to the lyrics, we promise you'll be even more free in spirit and mind.



Every great song has a story behind it. For this one, it came about at first with some eavesdropping from Brittany. ''Weird'' you may think, but it's a true story. Upon overhearing a lady, who was on the same bus as her, she listened to her saying how America was meant to be a white country and that white people are the most significant contributors to American culture. The rest is History. After meditating on what that woman said, Brittany could've come out with a very emotional ballad song but instead came about what you hear in ''Alright'': a colourful combination of a melodious energy and a sensitive loving message. After listening to Campbell's song, Noble Vybe Music can confirm you that you'll be culturally awaken and be ''Alright''.