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Silvery Sounding Track 'Mama Said' From Producer Le, Brings Out The Best of His Artistry

Blest Jones and Thalia Falcon

Blest Jones and Thalia Falcon

It doesn't matter if you live in the past, the present or future. When the inspiration to write a song hits you, you do it. Producer and songwriter Le did just that with his latest hyped single, 'Mama Said'. Featured in the song are talented singers Thalia Falcon and Blest Jones, adding each their elegant touch of voices to fill in for the lyrics Le wrote. 

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'Mama Said' is, in a way, an autobiographical song inspired by Le. It's about a certain break-up the main character deals with after meditating on how his mother warned his lover of the kind of relationship she had with his son (or daughter) by showing the exhibiting signs of an eventual bad break up. The song is well crafted with an impeccable chorus filled with smooth and charismatic vocals. Though it was some hard work to produce the whole track (four months to write), these two featured singers really made Le's job easier in terms of structure. 








I love songwriting and making beats and I pray that I can do that for a living and for the best and biggest artist.
— Le

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The skillful Nigerian producer made 'Mama Said' with great poise and having a nice team behind him to help with other elements definitely caused the final results to be very satisfying. For someone who only have three years of music production experience under his belt, Le certainly caught the attention of auditors throughout many music platforms where the song is featured. By tackling a multitude of music genres to work on, one could say that Le is a virtuoso of music in general. Influenced by worldwide icons such as Michael Jackson, Eminem and Elvis Presley, this producer is on a good start to reach his dream of songwriting, making beats and collaborate with the best and biggest artists out there.