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''White Album'' Song By Kami Loves Ao Is Impassioned And Exceptionally Lyricised

Kami Loves Ao

Kami Loves Ao

         The rap music genre is getting increasingly saturated with talents. But no talent is as unique as rapper Kami Loves Ao. Want           to know why? Just take a listen to his track titled ''White Album'' and you will understand fast enough why we say this. 



The multi-tasking artist brings something idiosyncratic in the rap game that very few rappers do in their music. In the ''White Album'' song, that peculiar feature is emotion. It may sound corny to the common person who can't link rap music with emotions, but you'd be surprise how amazing it sounds like when someone like Kami Loves Ao does it. The track sonically blends modern production with melancholic, yet simultaneously high intensity vocals. Touching on subjects of regret, friendship lost, drug abuse, and battling with inner demons, the music video (seen below) portrays all of this visually with gripping images of AO physically undergoing changes with each story he delves into. 




I work very hard on my music, and I put my heart into every song.
— Kami Loves Ao

And if that wasn't enough, even lyrically, Kami Loves Ao takes it to the next level with some subtle and witty like paraphrase. The way he expresses his rhymes with elegance and passion, shows just how skillful this young man really is on the surface of his artistry. How he does it is simple to say but not easy to do. As he tells Noble Vybe Music, ''I work very hard on my music, and I put my heart into every song.'' We could also tell you how much hard working Kami is as a producer, composer and audio engineer, but we'll stick to the song for now. 

Kami Loves Ao

Kami Loves Ao


As an artist, Kami Loves Ao touches different music genres such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, and synth pop to blend and shape his art. What you hear today in the ''White Album'' track and the rest of the songs in his latest EP called ''White Album 2'' are the results of these influences that have been fruitful.


Link to the ''White Album 2'':


What's more interesting in his music is the fact that each song hs a touching subject. Themes like youthful angst, rage, passion, and self-realization are some of the things on which Kami Loves Ao sings about. To put it simply, his music is for everybody but especially for the youth. By bringing positive and relevant lyrics in his songs, God knows our youth need more of those to fill its ears.