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Pakistani Rapper Zehra Elevates Her Game In Motivating New Song, 'Double Up'



You can always count on the one person who knows you better than anyone else: yourself. Pakistani rapper Zehra sends that kind of message with courage and confidence in her latest single 'Double Up'. Fearless is the keyword here when Noble Vybe Music thinks of Zehra to whom her alter ego goes by the name of Lady Pinkish.





The track of 'Double Up' is about pushing, embracing and elevating yourself to be the person you're meant to be. By doing so, you don't let anyone talk you out of it, you don't let anyone stand in your way and most important of all, you don't regret anything for the choices you make. The song has a simple but very catchy instrumental that matches the energy of Zehra's bars in her verses. Her charismatic musical touch in the song pushes you to discover more about this talented artist.



Double Up is about elevating yourself. Not letting anything get in the way of your success! No distractions! Remaining unapologetic in all choices we make!
— Zehra


Not only is Lady Pinkish talented but her great intellect allows her to strategize diligently in order to bring her independent EP titled PROJECT Z. Oh by the way, this project is written, funded, directed and executed by none other than Zehra herself. It's during her tenure in NYU on her senior year that the multitasking rapper found her true passion, music. With an ambitious project like her latest EP, we can only wait impatiently to see what else does Zehra has in store for all the auditors in 2018 and beyond. 

There's one thing we do know regardless of what happens in the future: Zehra is her own person/artist, and nobody can take that away from her.