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'Lambs' Track By Canadian Band Trope Will Definitely Boost Your Integrity


Coming from the great city of Vancouver in Canada, rock band Trope gives the world a brand new hot song titled 'Lambs'. Now don't be fooled by the simple title. Once you tune into it, the realization of the fact that the track is very solid will be swift.



Led by proficient singer and writer Diana Studenberg, the track essentially speaks in parts about bullying, trust, pain from others and blame. As Diana explains, '' The first half of 'Lambs' primarily deals with bullying, the observation of it, and the second half evolves into placing trust in people that only care for themselves but who present themselves as innocent {Lambs} and the feeling of betrayal that comes with that. Lambs also addresses the expectation of returned kindness, accumulation of pain from the lack of reciprocation and the cyclical damage to self that results from ignoring your own behaviours, and the subsequent projection of blame on to others.”


In the end of it all, integrity may be the keyword for this song. After all, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness is important to realize how much people around can be hurting. For this lesson, Trope earns a bright spot in Noble Vybe Music. With their awesome debut album Eleutheromania, the future is surely promising for the Canadian band.