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Elijah The Young Prophit Wants To Make A Change With A 'Letter 2 Trump'

Elijah The Young Prophit

Elijah The Young Prophit

School shootings have become increasingly frequent in the Unites States and is an issue where everyone, from the common man to the president of the United States has to address. 15-year-old rapper, Elijah The Young Prophit makes waves with his politically charged track 'Letter 2 Trump' where school shooting is the main subject.



Elijah demonstrates his uncanny wisdom in the song 'Letter 2 Trump' with some ambitious lyrics pertaining to the issue of gun violence in schools. As a fine example of it, the young man raps as follows '' How Could I say It? / You Took A Kid's Life Away/ As If You Were The One Who Made It/ Heart Full Of Hatred/ Hatred In The Gun/ Giving Pain To Others, Guess You Feel Like Number One''.



Cutting Young Lives Short/ Who Gave You The Right?/ My Question To You/ Is How You Sleep At Night?
— Lyrics of 'Letter 2 Trump'

The song, which also features the skillful duo Da Youngfellaz, ultimately sends a message to the president. The message is about the fact that he has the power to change how this problem - which has caused many tragedies over just a few years - can be resolved at a certain extent. The culture of fear is something that keeps growing among our children and with this struggle to keep them safe, it's important to immediately discuss it.

Elijah The Young Prophit

Elijah The Young Prophit


The music video is a good representation of how the issue of gun violence can affect anyone attending an educational institution. The cinematic visual offering is directed and written by Shock B of Def Squad Studios, who uses the young rapper’s lyrical insights to portray the stark reality of our current political climate. The video plays out like a short film that encapsulates the fear and horror that so many of our young people have been forced to endure during school shootings and instances of police violence.





The young artist from North Carolina has taught Noble Vybe Music another lesson: age is nothing but a number when it comes to education and wisdom. For Elijah, his artistry is sure to grow as his already high maturity in the music industry will continue to expand.

P.S. RIP to all the victims of gun violence and condolences to families and friends afflicted.