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Proficient Vocalist Joseph Luca Tears The House Down With New Track 'I'm Sorry'

Joseph Luca

Joseph Luca

You know you're ready to shine as yourself when your heart tells you. For Joseph Luca, this may be the start of something great for his music career as his latest steamy single 'I'm Sorry' is just amazing to hear.



The Ojai, California native comes out with a new song full of surprise. Combine his lustful voice with power and grace alone, and you shall have a song that will stay in your mind for a long time. From a range of mid-low to high vocals, Joseph is surely an artist to keep track of his songs. But in this soulful tune, time passes so fast because you can't get enough of Joseph's melodious tone and the harmony with the back vocals and the sensual instrumental. “I’m Sorry", reflects on the demise of a 5-year relationship; Joseph wrote the song on his guitar in real time as his ex-girlfriend casually described her new happy and healthy relationship. Pretty powerful for an inspiration.


Men are commonly not in tune with the feminine side of themselves that exists whether they like it or not. I’m here to redefine everything a man can be and music is my weapon of choice
— Joseph Luca
Joseph Luca

Joseph Luca

In order to make great music, an artist must search and learn about himself. When he was four years old, Joseph's parents split and his father moved to New York. Therefore, he found himself constantly looking for father figures in his life before deciding to take that role upon himself. After taking dancing classes and studying at CalArts where he sharpened his abilities as a guitarist, bassist, writer, and vocalist, he finally settled for a music career. Well we can say that Joseph chose the right decision as he's off to a great start with 'I'm Sorry'. There is no doubt this talented singer can shine as bright as he wants to.