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Any Music Fan Should Listen To The Fedz' Stimulating Song, 'The Traveller'

The Fedz

The Fedz

The Fedz are probably one of the few bands comprised of 10 + members in the world to make an instant impact in their community. Their latest hit single, 'The Traveller', is a touching and impeccable piece of art. Whether it's the vocals, the instrumental, the back vocals or the production, everything is just on point to make this song sound amazing. 


Behind a great track, there's a great message too. The band explains the song as ''A soulful plea for the need of us all to work together, to help each other and not shy away from our humane responsibilities.'' In order to make a master piece like 'The Traveller', you need a good team. The production team for this song certainly didn't lack any talent as the vocals were sung by the splendid Mr. Blue, backed by a soulful 30-piece gospel choir and fine-tuned by the Root musical genius: James Poyser. The most notable aspect of the song's production is the fact that the band has been working in partnership with the charity Refugee Community Kitchen ( ) . As a matter of fact, a proportion of profits go directly to assist the charities mission of ‘’feeding people without judgement’’.


This appeal for us all to be humans is even more relevant in this post Brexit world we inhabit.
— The Fedz
The Fedz

The Fedz



The Fedz represent the very embodiment of humanity as its members come from around the world though they're a mainly a UK/US Collective. The 13 members band has some unique talents who can blend different music genres from soul, reggae, to Hip-Hop. Their music instantly became a success in the UK as the group were chosen as one of Xtra’s ‘’HOT for 2017’’. The exploit doesn't stop there. The Fedz caught the attention of countless people in different music platforms. They were featured in the famous playlist Spotify's New Music Friday, they raked up to 2 million views on Youtube and performed in music festivals where the reviews have been nothing but positive. 






There is something quite peculiar with this band. In their humble beginnings, the band resorted to clever tactics to publicly rally as much people as possible to promote the core message of their music. The most famous incident was when they literally made a takeover in the streets of London by closing down Oxford Street with 5000 people. Call them crazy but the Fedz made a name for themselves by winning hearts and minds all over the UK with its music and beautiful message. With already half the year passed, Noble Vybe Music Music believes that this band is one of the revelation of 2018 in music.