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Inspire Yourself By Enjoying Pho Queue's Funky Song 'Watch Out'


As human beings, we're capable of accomplishing so many things in our daily lives. Pho Queue expresses that fact with great elegance in their latest funky track 'Watch Out'. 


The group from Germany delivers a splendid performance in 'Watch Out' with some groovy guitar riffs from Ferdinand Kirner, energetic vocals from Adriano Prestel, and quintessential production from DJ and producer Felix Kirner. Pho Queue - by which the name came up randomly while the members of the group were once standing in a queue waiting for their pho-soup - explains how this song is about redemption. ''The music reflects the desire of prosperity which is a common denominator we all share as human beings. The song is about how we keep on getting through the trials of life.''





The song is about how we keep on getting through the trials of life
— Pho Queue

The song is very original and Pho Queue deserves every credit to bring a nice flavor to the pop genre.  Having a versatile background in music experience, each of the group's member contributed to the song's perfection and their music's particular style. Classic synthesizers, funky 80’s guitars, punchy basslines and soulful vocals. Layering different organic and digital sounds to turn them into one unique instrument helped them define their own sound and to focus on each musician’s individual strength.

For a music band, in which weekly visits to Vietnamese restaurants right before a studio session is mandatory, Pho Queue is surely unique. Just as the song's title suggests, you better Watch Out for Pho Queue and their future projects. 2018 is a great year of music discovery in Noble Vybe Music thanks to Pho Queue!