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First Collaboratively Written Song 'Cheap Talk' By LENN Is Impressive And Impactful



When you're only starting to write songs, and you're already attracting a lot of the attention for making something great out of those, the future surely looks bright for you. For LENN, her latest single titled 'Cheap Talk' is a testimony of that. 




The British singer demonstrates all her skills as a singer and a songwriter in ‘Cheap Talk’ with some heart striking lyrics and unmistakable sweet-sounding vocals, accompanied by resonating drums and vibrant synths. This is the first song written by LENN and her collaborator, Lex whom has worked alongside famous acts such as Starley, SIGMA, Kamille, Hannah Jane Lewis and Rothwell. Not bad for an up and comer right? 







Writing this song was therapy for me. I suppose I had a build-up of feelings that I didn’t know what to do with, but after a good vent, ‘Cheap Talk’ was formed....and now I’m over it




The track captures LENN’s feelings of being strung along by a non-committal, guilt-shifting and manipulative ex-boyfriend. So in other words, the song is a melodious piece of art with a big subtle 'F' you to an ex-boyfriend. Who says you can't be inspired by an experience you've been through and make out of that a song that will captivate the ears of so many auditors? Well Noble Vybe Music - just like numerous other music curators and fans - certainly has its attention focused on LENN as she's off to a tremendous start in her music career for this year.