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Awe-Inspiring Song 'For You' By Francois Klark Evokes Awareness For Children Around The Globe

Francois Klark

Francois Klark

There's no denying it, in order to have a better future, our children need to grow in a healthy environment. All that has to start with those who can help them: parents, family, anybody. Francois Klark's latest single 'For You' evokes the concept of awareness and helping our future generation.




The splendid song 'For You' is very touching as it's inspired by the experience Francois had to live through with a sad heart. He explains, ''During my childhood years in Potchefstroom, South Africa, I noticed that there were kids my age that had no family or home to go to. I knew it was wrong and it weighed on me but, as a kid myself, I felt helpless and incapable of making a change. '' Expressing how he felt back then, in the song, is done in such a graceful way. With amazing vocals accompanied by talented fellow South African Katlego Maboe and Marla Walters, you will feel those goosebumps and be emotionally aware of what the song is about.

It is my desperate call on people like you to take action, to stand beside, and to help protect our children – whatever it takes. 
— Francois Klark on the content of 'For You'
Francois Klark

Francois Klark


When you think of orphans, especially older ones, you may think of them as acting or thinking in a negative way, but the truth is regardless of how they behave, love is what transcends all the stereotype labeled on them. As Francois explains further, the track tells the stories of displaced, enslaved, orphaned, and marginalized children on South African streets and around the globe. Being aware of what is going on in the world with children is what you need to understand in Klark's song 'For You'. The music video teases the great depths Klark goes to craft such a cinematic and moving aesthetic. But beyond all the beautiful melodies and technological stuff going on around this project, Francois Klark sends a clear message: let's be more aware and help OUR children around the world.