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It's 'Ground Zero' For Colton Avery's Song, But Not His Talent

Colton Avery

Colton Avery

Everyone, once in his life, can be faced in front of a tough situation and hit rock bottom. Colton Avery's 'Ground Zero' song explains it in the best way possible with an emphatically impassioned voice. 


This pop track is well sung and accompanied by an instrumental that gives even more meaning to the already impressive vocals and lyrics displayed by Colton. Inspired by a personal experience by the young gifted artist, 'Ground Zero' speaks of an unexpected event that can happen to an everyday person and bring him down to the point where everything seems over for him.

I love emotionally conflicted songs that remind me of some of my favorite childhood pop records like “Cry Me A River,” and to me, “Ground Zero” was just that
— Colton Avery
Colton Avery

Colton Avery

Colton explains that the song, ''is about a moment in my life a couple years ago when I felt like I had hit rock bottom, both as a songwriter and a person. Everyone has that time in their life when the rug gets pulled out unexpectedly, and this song is about all the anxiety surrounding that."


Well Noble Vybe Music surely doesn't feel any anxiety for Colton Avery's music career. His talent as an artist is evident. And we believe that it's not Ground Zero but rather the sky upon which Colton can only strive for and grow as an artist.