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Josh Tobias Reminds Us How Friendship Is Fragile In ''Old Friends'' Song

Josh Tobias

Josh Tobias

They say true friendship never dies. Well, that CAN be true, but only if you decide to make it like that. Multitasking artist Josh Tobias will rekindle that fire in any friendship of yours with his latest track titled ''Old Friends''. With this loving song, you'll probably want to think twice about who your true friends really are.




Coming from Long Island, NY, the talented singer and songwriter has the song touching the subject of past friendships. With a nostalgic and melancholy narrative, Josh's voice is perfectly on point with the track's tone as it contrasts with its uplifting pop production. In the end, it's a an emotional and sweet-sounding piece of art that will make you think of where you are in life.

I was inspired to write this track after an old high school friend and I recently reconnected after like 8 years. It made me realize how much life can change in the matter of a few years, and how close friends can become strangers, as well as the other way around
— Josh Tobias
Josh Tobias

Josh Tobias


The independent singer, not only wrote, but also produced ''Old Frends'' which is now his fourth single of 2018. His talent goes to show how far he can strive in the music industry as he's capable of creating commercial pop, country, dance pop and blues music and much more.

All this talent doesn't come from nothing. Josh had his calling in music at an early age learning guitar as a youngster from his father Toby Tobias, a world-traveling professional musician. While living in Brooklyn through his early 20s, Josh balanced his own artist and songwriting career with being a social worker with the NYC foster care system. Today, we can see that it pays off to persevere through tough situations. Josh is definitely a great example for it, and we feel his music career takes on a positive turn for the future.