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Bad Relationship? Beck Pete Can ''Gently Break It'' Off In Hot New Track

Beck Pete

Beck Pete

Love can be very complicated. It gets even worst when you're in a relationship that is poisonous for your environment. Talented singer Beck Pete breaks it all on that subject in her latest single titled ''Gently Break It''. If you truly want to get out of an unhealthy relationship, please listen to her song, you'll understand.


Leaning towards a more rocking style in ''Gently Break It'', Beck Pete exposes with great elegance the raw emotions we can feel in a situation where someone can make us feel less than nothing in any kind of relationship. Her emotion-forward approach in her music really pays off as this song attracts a lot of auditors curious to hear her sweet-sounding voice. In a more detailed insight, the song sheds light on a situation that is all too common romantically, where a person convinces themselves that they are undeserving of love and therefore romanticizes the idea of playing a victim in an unhealthy relationship. Pete reveals, "I have been that girl, and can’t say that I won’t be again. I’m just hoping that this song serves a reminder of that tendency, and spreads awareness to everyone who hears it that, one, they are not alone in this cycle and two, they can break it by believing they are worthy of something positive and healthy”. Sonically the song truly takes the listener on a ride featuring intricate hooky melodies and multiple musical scene changes all with an overall underlying indisputable element of soul.

... One, they are not alone in this cycle and two, they can break it by believing they are worthy of something positive and healthy
— Beck Pete about anyone who hears ''Gently Break It''

The skillful artist touches a lot of subjects that relates to the human condition in her music. Now combine that concept with the amazing gift of singing with passion and poise, and you see (or hear) what only Beck Pete can do: she Gently Breaks It. With an impressive style of music genre where pop, rock and even a little soul are fused together, there is no doubt numerous new listeners will boost the fan base and partake in this crazy ride of innovative music with Beck Pete.

By predicting a great year of 2018 and beyond, Noble Vybe Music says to you all that Beck Pete is sure to watch out for!