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15-Year-Old Artist Zoelly Sends A ''Warning'' For Her Debut



Has it ever happened to you not being able to talk to someone you had a crush on? You were too shy and just couldn't take that step to talk to that person? Well Zoelly's debut single will hit you hard with a lesson of ''Warning'' if you keep at it that way. Just remember, you've been ''warned''.

The 15-year-old talented singer starts officially her music career on a bang with a very impressive song. ''Warning'' is composed of a catchy rhythmic afro beat in the chorus, a melodious voice from Zoelly and a summer-anthem vibe that perfectly suits the context of the track. Speaking of context, the song is about not shying away from who you want to talk to so desperately even if that person makes you weak in the knees.


The lyrics are pretty clear to anyone who listens carefully to them. If you want to make a ''move'' on someone, go straight to them and say what you have to say, otherwise that person might not stay single very long. “Don’t say I never tried to give you a warning,” the indie popster sings, with power and poise beyond her years. The Canadian singer from Toronto basically gives a lesson of courage in this song. So to any boys, girls, men or women trying to impress someone you have a crush on, take that shy mask off your face and just be yourself. 

I am extremely passionate about music, it is truly what I love to do.
— Zoelly



Part of the reason this track is that much appealing is because of the wonderful team behind it. Produced in conjunction with JUNO Award-winning Adam Tune, and Ryan Guay, you could say that Zoelly is well surrounded for the crafting of ''Warning''. On another note, Zoelly's skills as a singer and songwriter are developping at a fast pace as she's currently focusing on advancing her piano skills and vocal training while diligently songwriting. She explains, ''I am extremely passionate about music”, she gushes. “It is truly what I love to do.”


For her debut single to be that hot already, Noble Vybe Music will certainly keep an eye open for Zoelly, and so should you.