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Serious Klein Releases Brand New Heartfelt Track ''Should've Known''

Serious Klein

Serious Klein

Serious Klein is back with a very emotional single, ''Should've Known''. The talented rapper from Germany holds nothing back in this track by giving an inspiring performance in the recording. Many subjects are hinted in the new song such as personal issues, poverty, family and social justice.



With an eclectic instrumental starting off the song, the rest follows with some amazing rapping with impeccable flow. Supported by an acoustic guitar, a great throbbing but smooth beat and harmonious singing vocals, ''Should've Known'' expresses thoughts on some of Serious Klein's personal struggles. By hinting the death of his father, familial expectations of success, poverty, and justice for people of color, this song gets pretty emotional. Though there's not really any saddening tone in the track, it's carefully crafted for any hip-hop and rap fans.

It’s the song that summarizes the whole storyline of the tape
— Serious Klein
Serious Klein

Serious Klein

The awesome production of ''Should've Known'' was done by Instrumental producer Rascal. Originally created for SZA, Serious Klein still delivered an amazing performance by implementing his own style with elegance. Speaking of style, there's an element we don't always hear in the Ghanian-born artist's music: singing. The chorus is well sung by LA-based singer-songwriter Roméo (FARR) with an uplifting sound which serves as a reminder to keep the hope. Klein says '' I had this idea of making a song called “Should’ve Known”. I choose titles before I actually make a song, so I was walking around for weeks with that title in my mind. It's the song that summarizes the whole storyline of the tape. ''



Ahead of his upcoming album release, Serious Klein is hyping many auditors waiting impatiently to hear what else the artist has under his hat. With a track like this one, the skillful rapper keeps growing his fan base with his impressive flow and authentic content.