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Elley Duhé's New Single, ''Way Down Low'' Is About Hope

Elley Duhé

Elley Duhé

Hope is something we try cling to so desperately when we're facing adversity. We may face difficult times as of now, but for Elley Duhé, good days are ahead of us all. Speaking of Elley and good days for the future, the songwriter is back with the release of her latest single titled ''Way Down Low''. 



The cover art of the brand new song from Duhé has the perfect representation of what the song is about. Characterized by hands of different colors facing upwards and holding each other, the cover art shows how anybody from anywhere in this world struggles. It also embodies the concept of hope for the human race. Elley emphasizes on the fact that this song, which she wrote, is about ''All of us''. She says, ''I simply wrote ‘WAY DOWN LOW’ for us. All of us. Together. Never give up on yourself or on the good people in this world or the future. I don’t know much, but I do know better days are ahead for us all.''

For a song that conceptualize hope, you'll be able to attest yourself how great the production - made by HazeBanga - was. Starting the song with a nostalgic feel of early 90's synth melodies, the track fills our ears with smooth kicks and a subtle hip-hop beat to support the euphonious vocals of the young songstress.

Cover art of ''Way Down Low''

I simply wrote ‘Way Down Low’ for us. All of us. Together.
— Elley Duhé

Elley Duhé is certainly on her way to stardom as she recently worked with famous DJ, Zedd. Their collaboration has attracted numerous auditors in different music platforms such as Spotify with more than 4 millions streams in just a week for their single, ''Happy Now''. But before she could make a name for herself, the singer from Alabama had to work very hard from the bottom. And it all started as a teenager at the age of 14, when she wrote her first song with a guitar she received as a gift from her father. From there, she began playing for live audiences and traveled extensively throughout Nashville, Austin and L.A. to perfect her songwriting skills.

With this track, if hope isn't something you believe in, we can respect that. But Noble Vybe Music can say that there's definitely some hope for music, as long as Elley Duhé is around.