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Emm Has That ''Freedom'' In Her Art.. And In Her New Single



The concept of freedom is vast, but if you simplify it to its most common definition, it’s pretty simple as a word. To do what you want, say or believe, freedom has many benefits and disadvantages. Singer and songwriter Emm brings up that concept in her latest amazing single, ‘‘Freedom’’.

Emm explains what the song is truly about, “Freedom is about how the children of addicts often have to be the adult in the relationship. The song empathizes with the addict while still claiming and recognizing the pain that they have caused”. For a very touchy subject that affects many people around the world, ‘‘Freedom’’ is so well sung and has this vibe that will give you goosebumps. The way the chorus is sung arguably represents what freedom is about for someone who desperately searches for it. From the main to the back vocals, Emm has done an amazing job at bringing this song to another level.

I just want to make things that help people heal and feel more free. So I try to tell stories about things that are reflective of real life.
— Emm

You will notice how her lyrics are impactful and make the song even stronger in character. We could give so many positive adjectives that describe Emm’s artistry. But what really comes to mind when her music pops, is courageous, relentless and free. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Emm’s music is even greater than the music itself (which is pretty damn good) - it is the message. 



Emm identifies with her female fans more authentically then most artists could ever hope to, and that’s because she cares more deeply about the girls she is singing to. Having faced a troubled past of eating disorders, a harsh religious upbringing, mental health issues, many industry evils, and moving away from her hometown of 14,000 to face New York City at the tender age of 16, Emm has overcome so much. It only takes one conversation to see that she is deeply passionate about creating a voice for girls just like her - girls that never felt they were enough and never quite fully fit in. In pursuit of reaching young women, she runs “Emmpowerment” - a powerful part of her brand completely focused on speaking to these issues through her written blog and her social media. Emm is an artist that spends all night after a show talking to her fans, asking them questions, encouraging them and appreciating who they are. She shines in the most important area, and that’s genuine heart.

We need more artists like Emm. Artists with heart and true love for the people to whom she makes music for.