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Up-And-Coming Rapper Tieran Kicks It Up A Notch With New Single, ''Sick''


Doing some introspection is a secret to achieve transcendence of oneself. Promising rapper Tieran has understood that and shares his introspection impeccably in his latest single, ‘‘Sick’’.

The young man from Columbus has some impressive bars in his new self-produced single “Sick”. The introspective track is written like a diary and Tieran certainly does not hold back, voicing his disappointments with his life and his musical pursuit. Altogether, it’s very inspiring for any musician trying to make a name for themeselves not just in the hip-hop genre but in the music industry in general. “Sick” is the second single off of his upcoming self-produced album Deep End.



There’s no denying that Tieran has potential along with mad skills to lead gracefully any beat with powerful lyrics and classy rapping flow. All that seems natural to him. After all, the artist from Lancaster, Ohio has been involved in music since the age of 6. With conscisous lyrics, intoxicating energy, and a dapper yet funny demeanor, Tieran has what it takes to shatter the glass and thrive in the music industry. With experience of performing alongside big names such as KYLE, Joyner Lucas, Hopsin, & more, Tieran can only go up from here.

His latest self-produced album Deep End, is now available on multiple music platforms.