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Mathes And Caroline Kole are very promising for 2019



They’re new to the music industry, and yet they’re already making an incredible impression with their first major collaboration song. Mathes and Caroline Kole have released today their single titled, ‘Backbone’. And we can tell you that chemistry isn’t the only subject that makes this song special.


Mathes who happens to be the daughter of famed Sting, Avril Lavigne, and Panic! at the Disco producer Rob Mathes, releases debut single "Backbone" featuring up-and-comer, Caroline Kole. The latter is also a 2018 Breakout Artist with the release of her critically acclaimed summer single, ‘What If’. Starting the year with a bang, both artists couldn’t have done it any better with a song that demonstrates their vocal abilities and their undeniable chemistry in harmony.

Caroline Kole

Caroline Kole

‘Backbone’ is a song about having a strong will and confidence in hard times. The lyrics in the chorus tell us exactly what it’s about: ‘No, I Won’t Tumble/ I Won’t Crumble/ ‘Cause Babe I Got A Backbone’. In a relationship where one has to always worry about what the other does for his or her crazy antics, having the courage to let go and move on from that poisonous relationship proves that anyone can have a strong backbone.

Let us not forget that that Mathes is also a songwriter, and a talented one at that. In fact, she’s that much skilled in songwriting that she was nominated for Best Songwriter at the 2018 Boston Music Awards.

This song has all the right tools. With a very catchy beat and instrumental, strong and convincing vocals, a powerful message behind it, and most of all, an amazing overall production, we can only assume the best is yet to come for these two proficient artists.

2019 looks to be a year which will reveal to us plenty of emerging artists. Mathes and Caroline Kole are certainly on top of that list. Watch out for them as the year continues to unfold.