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Indie Rock Band Furbs brings out sweet flavors in new single 'Body'



Regardless of its genre, music keeps reinventing itself thanks to many great innovators and talented musicians. That’s definitely the case for up-and-coming rock band FURBS, who just released their new single titled, ‘Body’. In this single, you’ll quickly notice how mysteriously good the vibe of the song is and why it’s so attractive.

We ask that your remember these fours names for the sake of future music. Jonathon Currier (bass), Timothy Loukakes (guitar), Johnny Frank (drums & production), and Andrew Ibarra (guitar, vocals & synths). Yes, there is hope for rock music, because these four childhood friends made something in ‘Body’ that few other bands don’t in their music. And that’s innovate.


When we say that these guys innovate, here’s the reason why. The band truly captures the emotion of a live show in the studio setting. Upon listening to the song, you’ll feel like you’re with them, literally on stage. "We spent countless hours playing this song in the band room and on stage before we finally put it down in the studio. Having the live sound in our heads before recording I think really gave us a solid base of where we wanted the song to go. From there it was just a matter of letting Johnny (Frank) do his thing with the production to really make the record pop", Ibarra explains. 

Every single musician plays its role perfectly in this song as they each mingle their sound impeccably in harmony with one another. From the smooth bass, to the energetic guitar riffs, to the hard-hitting drums and into the charismatic vocals, this band shows everyone what chemistry is really all about. ‘Body’ features a live retro sound combining lustful guitars interplaying with one another over a bouncy indie beat. Ibarra's sultry, Bowie-esque vocals gloss over Currier's perky yet driving bass line, while Loukakes's trancey guitar takes the song to another dimension. Frank also lends his meticulous producing and drumming abilities to FURBS's most exciting project to date. 

FURBS in a live show

FURBS in a live show

I’ve had this song in my head since I was 12 years old. Years before I picked up a guitar and years before my first sexual experiences, I always found something alluring, someting sexual about the riff that at the time I could not yet fully grasp
— Andrew Ibarra (lead singer of FURBS)

Hailing from New Haven, CT, the members draw on their eclectic musical influences to inject their sound with elements of pop, post-punk, rock, folk and hip hop. Having worked with notable indie acts such as OWEL and The Naked & Famous, the band has built up a regional reputation for their infectious pop stylings and energetic live performance.