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Careful, Roberto Horns Will Make You Cry

Roberto Horns

Roberto Horns

With his new single out, up-and-coming rapper and singer Roberto Horns is surely making his way towards a place where he’s getting more recognition among new listeners. You’ll understand soon enough what we mean once you tune into his latest single, ‘Make Her Cry’.


With the single now out and available in different music platforms, comes the music video also availble to watch on Youtube and Horns’ official website. As a self-taught videographer, Roberto puts his great creativity to good use in the video, which is a lot of fun to watch. It's a unique look at a guy acknowledging his past wrongdoings with women and serves as a warning to any potential suitors. Live horns and piano paint the humorous yet insightful picture which blends a soulful singing chorus and more rhythmic verses.

‘Make Her Cry’ is the first single from Horns’ new album/project "I Think I Have To Break Up With My Girlfriend ’’. Full of inspiring ideas, this young man is pretty charismatic in every artistic way possible. Not only that, but as a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter, a rapper, a singer and a good videographer, you can believe that Roberto Horns has the potential to succeed in the industry.


Roberto Horns is a self contained factory of creativity. After moving to Los Angeles from Atlanta, and years of failing as a freelance writer and producer, Roberto decided to release his first solo venture in 2015. Speaking about his process "I just hate having to wait on people, so I do everything myself. If there's an instrument I want on a song, instead of hiring someone, I just learn the instrument. Same process for my videos, I bought a camera and taught myself through YouTube tutorials." Horns grew up in marching band playing brass and started working as a combination intern-studio manager-recording engineer after college. His blend of live horns, singing, and sometimes squeamish subject matter (i.e. Porn, Make Her Cry, Kids Say Fuck) make him a refreshing listen. Make Her Cry is the first single from his new project "I Think I Have to Break Up With My Girlfriend." available on Valentines Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not be surprised if you see one day, the name of Roberto Horns in numerous charts across the country. You’ve been warned.