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Air Apparent Translates Dreams To His Music

Air Apparent

Air Apparent

Music speaks to us in so many ways. But when you listen to emerging artist Air Apparent, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream. A very lucid one. To understand clearly what we mean by that, we urge you to listen to his latest single ’Asking You’. There’s no denying that there’s only so much you can taste and feel, but trust the song and your senses will be much more awakened.


Hailing from Atlanta but now based in San Fransisco, Air Apparent has an original concept for his music. His sound is inspired by the concept of “dreams”. And with a warm electro-pop song like ‘Asking You’, the concept couldn’t be more clear. The lush vocals, the solid synth melodies and the luminous bassline make the song sound like a lover’s dream.


‘‘I’ve always been really into surrealism in movies, and like the trope of dream sequences’’, explains the young singer. ‘‘The song is about getting someone you care about to open up. But you can also interpret it as a song to yourself. When you’re busy going through the motions of your life, it’s often easy to ignore the voice inside and lose touch with who you are.’’ The song was written with LA singer/songwriter Kyan Palmer and co-produced with Guy Gabriel.

As a first generation Indian-American, Air Apparent also added some influences of Punjabi music in the chorus/drop which blend very well with the other elements that make the final product. Also working as a DJ and producer, Air Apparent has only just begun to make his mark on the dance music world since the release of his 2018 debut EP ‘Imaginary’. Air Apparent’s standout single ‘Your Love’ is a dreamy love boasting track that has amassed over 60,000 plays on Soundcloud alone and is a true testament to the young artist’s transcendent production capabilities. With a summer EP currently in the works, Air Appent shows no signs of slowing down and will continue to prove his progressive artistic prowess while working to solidify his standing as the breakout electronic artist of 2019.