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iLL Fayze Gets Creative In New Song, 'Bitties'

iLL Fayze

iLL Fayze

Aspiring rapper iLL Fayze had lots of fun making his latest track, ‘Bitties’ in the studio. And it shows since the song has such a playful tone and a strong rapping flow all the way through it. For any Rap music fans who want to discover new artists, iLL Fayze should be on your list. And ‘Bitties’ could well convince you to know more of this rapper.


The 22 year-old rapper shows us a different side of his artistry in the song. We can feel there’s a certain liberation in the vocals upon listening to his rhymes. Those bars are solid, and when iLL Fayze decides to get to work and have fun at the same time, great results are produced such as this song. In collaboration with fellow rappers Wess Li and MRKD, iLL Fayze delivered an impressive performance. Apart from the fact that there is a small part in the song where the mixing could be a little better (vocals sound a bit under the beat), we can say that this is a job well done!

‘Bitties’ is the epitome of creating for the joy of creating, as Fayze and Wess Li began crafting the song around the slang term one random night. The song was pitched to videographer and part-time artist MRKD, and the three artists turned this lighthearted song into a casual banger suitable for any party.

Catch all the latest updates of iLL Fayze and his music through his social media, notably Soundcloud and Spotify.