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Chloe Castro Is 'Drunk' In Her Art

Chloe  Castro

Chloe Castro

Being drunk is one thing. Being ‘drunk’ in lust and infatuation is another. That is partly what Up-and-coming artist Chloe Castro’s latest song, ‘Drunk’, is about. If you’re also looking for a brand new powerful voice with a tinge of soul behind it, Castro will definitely impress you with hers.

The song’s content is indeed compelling. It tackles the topics of infatuation and lust, and the struggles that come with trying to reject those sorts of intense desire in the search for a healthier alternative – particularly when that infatuation is one-sided. As Castro explains: “It’s about grounding yourself, like when you get caught up in something and you know you're more into to someone than they're into you… you have to put a lid on it before you get attached and completely lose yourself.”

There’s an interesting vibe in this song. With a feel of pop, infused with some R&B, ‘Drunk’ gets your attention from the start. Those guitar riffs are as catchy as the hook and Castro’s vocals. Speaking of vocals, you have to appreciate this young artist’s, as they have a very particular sound. Plenty of interesting elements come out of that voice. You can feel the soulful quiver eminating, the gentle touch of a melodious tone and the powerful emotions you get from Castro after each intonation. Talent such as hers isn’t given to everyone, but she uses it with brilliance and can go very far with it.

You have to put a lid on it before you get attached and completely lose yourself.
— Chloe Castro

Originally from Durham, UK, Chloe became a fixture on the city’s busking circuit, with videos of her acoustic street performances amassing tens of thousands of views on YouTube, before appearing on ‘The Voice’ in the UK in 2016, making it to the live quarter finals before withdrawing from the show due to health reasons. Her tracks fuse elements of Trap R&B, soul and hip hop, with Chloe’s soulful voice underpinning a lyrical storytelling style reminiscent of early Jill Scott or Amy Winehouse, evidenced in her debut independent release ‘Kerbside’ and continued in second single ‘Drunk’.

Get ready for Chloe Castro, as she makes her move to burst into the scene and captivate your ears with more awesome upcoming materials for the not so distant future.