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Violet Crime's Upcoming EP Sounds Auspicious

Violet Crime

Violet Crime

Straight out of Chicago, there’s an emerging band who likes to make indie pop music with a nice signature touch. Their name is Violet Crime. Get ready for some new awesome music by some impressive artists.

Violet Crime has an upcoming EP (their first one) to be released soon. In the EP, there’s a song that carries its name: Paper Queen. And if you’ve heard this song first hand, you’ll have to very excited for what the rest of this project has to offer. The song starts off slow, but it makes up for a very impressive overall intro song. The track has a very gentle intro, but the bridge is where it really shines. It’s all about dynamics and powerful vocals


This song is about fantasy and unrealistic expectations, and the confusion we feel when we realize no one person is perfect or can fix us. ‘‘This song changed a lot in the studio’’, the band explains. ‘‘Especially under the co-production of Derek DiScanio of State Champs, we wanted this song to really let the whole band shine. We think this song encapsulates our sound well and are excited to share it with everyone’’. The vocals are powerful and passionate, but they still leave room for the shredding lead guitar and rhythmic instrumentals to groove.

Violet Crime plays through their label Play Together Records. This band is already making a difference in their community, as a third of their merch sales go to support a Chicago after-school music program. They are all about community building and creating space for artists of all backgrounds. For an emerging band just starting out by doing something as empowering, we believe they’re on to an amazing start for this year.