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Toss The Ball To Dnny For An 'Alley Oop'



Up-and-coming singer Dnny is out with a refreshing new single titled ‘Alley Oop’. And believe us when we say that this track is potentially setting up Dnny for a smashing hit for the summer. The young artist has been inspired, along with his colleague and fellow rapper Cam Meekins, to give the public something new out of his repertoire.


From the get-go we can hear this influencial hot latino melody in the insturmental. The singing vocals are mellifluous, those bars from Cam are solid and the overall production is that much impressive. Everything in the song is well cooked up. After tuning in to this track, your ears will taste summer like never before. The talent of these two artists are evident and there’s more where they came from. The track strays from dnny’s more traditional pop style to show off dnny’s talents in hip-hop and rap. The energy, the beat, and the rhythm have the perfect combination to make your summer party a steaming one to remember.

The new track “alley oop” follows the hugely successful release of tracks “way wrong (feat. Xuitcasecity)”, and debut single  “villain” earlier this year. To date, “way wrong” has reached over 50K streams on Spotify alone, while “villain” has exceeded 100K streams. All of dnny’s music is available now on all streaming platforms.

Get ready for more music from the Nashville artist, as this might be the start of something big for him this year. Dnny will be releasing even more singles throughout 2019, so be sure to keep your ears open!