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Watch Out For... Nikal Fieldz and Quadir Lateef

Martin Luther Final Cover.jpg

Artist, Songwriter, Producer and former Radio Personality, Nikal Fieldz is a very busy man. But even busy, he manages to release an amazing piece of art with his latest single, ‘‘Martin Luther’’.

Taking a break from the artist side of things to fulfill his obligations to BMG for his publishing deal after co-writing Lighters (Bad Meets Evil, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9 & Bruno Mars), Nikal Fieldz is back with a bag full of tricks he’s learned playing in studios with some of the industry’s A-list writers you rarely hear about. 

In collaboration with Quadir Lateef (formerly of Ruff Ryderz), ‘‘Martin Luther’’ has the two artists spitting some truth that cut through clean to the ear. We ask that you carefully listen to the well written lyrics once you tune into this track. A warning on that note: their truth will hurt but also make you ‘‘woke’’. Trust us. The production is just as amazing, as the song hits from the get go with heavy synth bass and hip hop drums that provide the foundation for Nikal Fieldz and Quadir Lateef. Each of the rappers’ flow is impressive as they bring their own style on the beat with elegance and class.

If you’re looking for substance and a few opinions on the state of the world we live in today, look no further. This song makes you learn a bunch of things. Lyrically and artistically, we can feel culture, love, passion and most of all, consciousness. This goes to show you how talented and skilled Fieldz is. Inspired by his numerous collaboration works and experiences, Nikal Fieldz is one multitasking artist to watch out for in the months and years to come! Check out more of Nikal Fieldz and Quadir Lateef’s music on spotify (notably in the Rap Empire playlist) and other platforms.