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Watch Out For... Jacklyn



Every artist has to kick off their career one way or another. For British singer/songwriter Jacklyn Pandolfo, hers has started on a positive note with her debut single titled, ‘‘Same Thing’’.

‘‘Same Thing’’ has this blend of soul and pop music that makes it pretty attractive to the ear. The track tackles concepts surrounding relationships and miscommunication, carrying a strong message of female empowerment. The song, which was co-written and produced by Jonah, features atmospheric forward thinking production, whilst maintaining a healthy blend of Jacklyn's Soul and Jazz music influence.


For a debut single, let’s say Jacklyn has hit the lottery for the production. With a great team behind the track, the 18 year-old artist was impressed with how it all came together. She explains, ‘‘ When writing ‘Same Thing’ I was so surprised with how fast the song and writing all came together. The production and writing really expresses my style and genre completely. The song conveys a message of not “needing a man” to be a strong independent woman when going through a tough breakup. It’s all about loving yourself when falling out of love and being truly comfortable in your own skin.’’ 

With a catchy tune like this one, we can only assume that more exciting music from the talentend Jacklyn is in store for new music fans. Yes, Jacklyn is another artist to watch out for for the coming year!