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Emily Brimlow

Emily Brimlow

Soul, pop, and RnB music. These three music genres can be a perfect combination for the ears to savor. Emily Brimlow does just that with her incredible talent in songwriting, singing and producing. Looking for new artists to discover? Turn yourself to Emily Brimlow!

Emily Brimlow is a soul singer, songwriter originally from BC, Canada. Now based in Huntington Beach, California, the young woman is known for her unique blend of soul, RnB, hip hop, and world music. Her latest single, ‘Calling Me Home’ is the perfect reflection of her experience in music. As Emily believes that music is the universal language of love that connects people regardless of their personal history, experiences or beliefs, this song can speak to any simple soul on earth and give chills.

‘‘This song is my most Pop like track. It’s super uplifting with a simple flow and fun lyrics.’’, says Brimlow.

When you feel that you’re full of love, nothing can get you down. Through the process of creating this song, all I felt was happiness and life! So excited for all to get in a good mood after listening to this.
— Emily Brimlow, about 'Calling Me Home'
Emily Brimlow

Emily Brimlow

Since a young age, Emily has been immersed in music. She began singing and playing guitar at family “shindigs” under the tutelage of her father, also an accomplished musician. After high school, Emily spent time in Australia where she toured with her band bringing music to small towns in Australia’s outback. Emily began her career singing with a band in Australia, on a tour. Performing and sharing music is Emily’s way of bringing all different types of people together. Her joy in performing is gathering people and creating experience that’s never happen before.

Be on the lookout for this impressive up-and-coming artist as the new year approaches. Plenty of positive things to happen and awesome music expected to be produced by Emily!