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Johnny Stimson

Johnny Stimson


Johnny Stimson is a true talented singer on the rise. With his latest single ''End of Time'', his voice will make your heart melt into a stain. Johnny is capable of mingling different genres in his music, making a rare artist to be able to make his craft that much complicated and varied. From a pop perspective, to some RnB overtones combined with some soulful rasp, this young man has it all to impress the audience. The most important thing in the end of it all, for Johnny is to spread the love through his music wherever it's called to be. 


Life isn’t about simply taking risks. It’s really about choosing the right risk. You could say that pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Stimson chose rather wisely.



So for now, we invite you to enjoy a little snippet of his latest works available on spotify and other music platforms! Enjoy!

I recognized the importance of taking risks, because it was the only way I would’ve been able to do this
— Johnny Stimson, about his music career
Johnny Stimson

Johnny Stimson

Drawing from influences as diverse as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, and Justin Timberlake. He brings a distinct sense of soul to pop music—not only singing but playing piano, guitar, and bass. The music can be funky one minute and then soulful the next, while always maintaining an irresistibility.