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Watch Out For... SARA DIAMOND

                                                                                Sara Diamond

                                                                                Sara Diamond


With her compelling voice, Sara surely can hypnotize you in a trance that will liberate you in such a way. Her latest RnB flavoured song titled ''Fool'' is filled with great harmony between the vocals and the melody of the instrumental. There's this strange vibe in the track that makes you want to hear more of what's to come in the chorus and the following verses. 




From start to finish, there isn't a second to forget hearing, ''Fool'' is that great. The Canadian singer describes the song as the following statement, ''This song is about taking my power back and becoming the woman I know I can be. No one can take away my happiness except my own ego'' The keyword here is happyness. In order to be happy one must take control of his or her life and strive for what's good for him or her.






It’s easy to feel like a fool when we give other people the power to control how we feel.
— Sara Diamond
Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond


As she's gaining more and more fans on social media and music platforms such Spotify (81k + listeners), Sara Diamond is also known to many sports fans especially hockey in Canada as she has performed the Canadian national anthem for the Montreal Canadiens on numerous occasions. Sara is a star to be and you can attest it by listening to some of her music available Vevo, Youtube and Spotify. Watch out for this talented artist as she is on the rise to greater heights this year.