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Watch Out For... BARE JAMS

British band Bare Jams can certainly rock whichever house it goes to. The music they deliver to the world is funky, jazzy, fun and catchy. You won't be bored once you tune into their latest single, 'Ebbs & Flows'.


Behind this amazing song, stand a crew of seven virtuosos that bring an unparalleled harmony between each instrument and element of every track they intend to release. 'Ebbs & Flows' isn't an exception. Whether their songs talk about love, everyday issues, or even politics, this band always bring its 'A' game into production. The results of their hard work when you hear their final product will give you chills, then get you skankin', even put a smile on your face.




In its humble beginings, Bare Jams which was founded by Ollie (vocals/guitar) and Sam (drums/percussion) in 2011 as a busking duo, made good impressions in their community so much that it grew into the seven-heads band we know now. Today they travel across Europe and bring the best experience to music fans by delivering impactful live performances and generating lots of hype in the process. Ladies and gentlemen, Bare Jams is one band to watch out for in 2018!