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Watch Out For... Zach Paradis

Zach Paradis

Zach Paradis

We're already in the middle of summer, and so many artists are standing out and giving new music fans a lot of different tastes of their own. Zach Paradis is one of those artists that you know once you listen to his first song, you'll want to hear more of him.


His latest track 'Stay' has a chilled vibe that combines his melodious singing pattern with the catchy, slow and rythmic instrumental. As the young singer explains, '' 'Stay' is an upbeat summer love song. In Stay, the singer calls out to his love, realizing he no longer wishes to remain alone but would rather spend his time with her.'' Zach Paradis blends the flavors of pop singer-songwriter and hip hop to create the energetic, feel good vibe that is 'Stay'. 

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Atlanta-based artist Zach Paradis mixes the sonics of pop and hip hop with the melodies and vulnerability of a singer-songwriter. His talent is pretty evident. From his young charismatic vocals to his impressive lyircs, Zach knows no limits when it comes to a song production. But apart from song production, the sky might be another limit he may be wanting to reach for, as Zach is on his way to making a great debut in 2018! Watch out for Zach Paradis!