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When you have a God-given talent in singing and songwriting, you take every advantage you can to shine as bright as you can. London-based singer Lyves has it going on with these talents. With her latest single, ''Certain Things'', it's easy to hear what we mean by pure talent once you listen to this song.


What's more incredible is how short of time the song was written. In just a single evening, Lyves - aka Francesca Bergami - sat down with songwriters Nathanael Williams and Simeon Jones to compose the eventual amazing results you hear in the song. Of the track, Lyves explains, '' This song's energy is about being in the moment, appreciating where we are, and living for right here, right now, despite past and future worries - which is in line with how the song seemed to spontaneously come about. We knew we wanted to feature an artist we love and respect and Jalen's raw energy and performance brought so much to it. This song feels like a collaboration in many ways and the start of a new chapter personally and musically."





Every artist has a secret to its success in their art. For Lyves, exploring her own world filled with emotions and make it a journey to find peace and understanding, is at least one way she does to make her music sound so good. 


This song feels like a collaboration in many ways and the start of a new chapter personally and musically
— Lyves





Her talents don't limit themselves in just music. In visual arts, Lyves loves to bring some flavor in her music videos. Each video is an emotive and captivating close-up exploration of an intimate emotional theme, conveyed through a personal and profound story featuring a central protagonist. The Eight Rooms project is a series of videos you can attest if you don't believe us. One thing is sure, Lyves is an artist to watch for in 2018 and beyond!