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Watch Out For... TRUVONNE



Imagination is an unlimited attribute one can possess if he uses it wisely. For Truvonne, imagination is as vast as her music. Her latest track titled, ''Crazy Love'' serves as a great example.

The song ''Crazy Love'' has a sexy but also an eerie vibe to it. It will make you go through different ways of feeling about this. To be honest, your interpretation of this song will be as good as the next one. At least that's what the main character in all this production, Truvonne, will tell you. And that's what's fascinating with this artist. Truvonne's art is all about imagining and retelling it with the very way you feel. 


Her music speaks volume in feelings especially in her latest music video of ''Crazy Love''. Truvonne explains, ''The concept of the video was to capture 4 different type of realities; What you wanted to happen, what you feel inside, what's going on through head, and what actually happening in a conscious space. In creating that virtual consciousness, each color represents each of these realities. I would want you to decide which is which because based on how the video makes you feel will determine which color means what to you. The entire video is up for interpretation. When writing the treatment, I wanted to make sure that each of these concepts were properly shown.''

Just like the outer space, Truvonne's imagination has no limit. And that's exactly what we wish for her music to have: no limit. In this year of 2018 and beyond, Truvonne is definitely one to watch out for!